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Introducing the inaugural masterpiece from F.i.R.E Brand - the SPITFIRE Hoodie, a fusion of urban flair and artistic inspiration. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this hoodie is more than apparel; it's a statement of passion and creativity.


The iconic "SPITFIRE" moniker, boldly arched across the chest, commands attention, with the flame icon over the 'I' symbolizing the blazing spirit of individuality. As you slip into the hoodie, let the left sleeve remind you to "Inspire Yourself" — a call to embrace your unique journey and ignite your inner fire.

On the left wrist, a hazard bolt symbol encases the word "ART," a nod to the inherent risk and boldness of artistic expression. This hoodie is more than fabric; it's a canvas for your individuality and creativity.


Look closely, and you'll find the artist's touch – "Cell Spitfire" subtly signed on the right side of the pocket. A nod to the visionary behind the design, each hoodie carries the mark of its creator, making it a wearable piece of art.


Embrace the SPITFIRE Hoodie — where fashion meets inspiration, and every detail tells a story. Join the F.i.R.E movement, and let your style blaze a trail of creativity.

Spitfire Arched Hoodie 3D Leopard Print

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