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Comacell Brown, best known as Cell Spitfire, is a multi-talented artist, painter, graphic designer and entrepreneur from Annapolis, Maryland.

Cell offers a wide range of graphic design services including, creative logos, marketing brochures, business cards, banners, stationary items and more. Cell also offers custom painted artwork and custom p apparel.


Born in the mid 80's to Comacell A. Brown, Sr and Terri Wilkerson of Annapolis, Cell received little to no love from his father, who initially denied him. The love from his mother began to dwindle as time progressed. Due to an ongoing drug addiction, Comacell's mother Terri gave her parents guardianship of her only son. By the age of 8, "Cell" became very aware of his mother's battles and began to channel his frustration into art. His new found passion for drawing and painting was discovered and cultivated at an after school program provided through the Salvation Army. He later began to manifest his love for art on clothing. Using t-shirts and jeans as his new canvas, Cell created customized clothing pieces for recreation. As attention grew over the adoration of his wardrobe creations, Cell began to make shirts for family, friends, and those who contacted him via referral.


At age 18, he and his comrades decided to embark on a business venture with his custom clothing line. This line would be later called Creative Fashions. Initially all abstract art designs were created thru time-consuming painting on the clothing. Later, for mass production, they implemented fancy machines and computers and created quality printed shirts. This turned Cell into a local icon and aspiring entrepreneur and has brought him an increase in finances and publicity. 


Celebrities with Spitfire's designs include Lamar Jackson, Pat The Roc,

50 Cent, Jadakiss, Angela Davis, Young Jeezy, Cam Newton,  Amara La Negra, Young Dylan, FUBU Frames, PNB Rock, Kane Beatz,  and more.

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