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Introducing the "Blaze - Las Vegas Nights" Long-Sleeved Tee, where urban style meets the electric energy of the Vegas Strip.

Front Design: A mini Motel sign hints at the night's excitement - "Live Performance by Blaze" among two other stars.

Back Scene: Blaze, cruising in a classic red Chevrolet convertible, accompanied by the enchanting Kindle, as they illuminate the neon-soaked Las Vegas Strip. At the pinnacle, "Blaze CASINO" lights up the sky, a beacon of style and extravagance.

This long-sleeved tee captures the essence of Vegas nights, where the city never sleeps, and style reigns supreme. Blaze and Kindle invite you to be part of the spectacle, where the journey is as electrifying as the destination. Step into the "Las Vegas Nights" vibe, and embrace the nightlife with unmatched flair. Get ready to set the town ablaze! 🔥🎰 #LasVegasNights #BlazeInVegas

Blaze - Las Vegas Nights LS Shirt

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