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Introducing the "Blaze - Monster Truxxx (Trucks)" Long-Sleeved Tee, where the roar of the engine meets the pulse of the city.

Front Design:

  • The unmistakable #84, the racing number synonymous with Blaze's style, takes center stage on the left breast, flanked by a checkered flag pattern line, the CBJ signature, and the classic FIRE logo.
  • The F.I.R.E acronym at the bottom left pays tribute to the core values that drive our brand.

Back Scene:

  • Blaze commands a colossal Monster truck, defying gravity with a spectacular wheelie.
  • His name, an emblem of power, flows in waves over his head.
  • "Monster Truxxx 4x4 Gasoline" graces the base, embodying the adrenaline-fueled spirit of the Monster truck scene.

This long-sleeved tee is not just clothing; it's an embodiment of power, speed, and the indomitable spirit of Blaze. Get ready to blaze a trail of Monster Truxxx style and leave everyone in awe of your fearless fashion. Ignite your wardrobe with the "Monster Truxxx" vibe! 🔥🚚 #MonsterTruxxx #Blaze4x4

Blaze - Monster Truxxx LS Shirt

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