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Introducing the "Blaze - Yacht Crew (Nautical)" Long-Sleeved Tee, where the elegance of the high seas meets the heart of Annapolis.

Front Design:

  • The chest proudly boasts the "Annapolis, MD Yacht Club & Marina" circled logo, an emblem of maritime heritage.
  • In the center, a monogram anchor with the letter "A" adds a touch of classic nautical style.
  • Below the circled logo, five nautical flags spell out "Blaze," a tribute to the seas' calling.
  • CBJ's signature, a symbol of authenticity and artistry, rests at the bottom left.

Right Sleeve Design:

  • "Nautical" elegantly descends down the right sleeve, the anchor substituting as the letter "T."

Back Scene:

  • "Yacht Crew" gracefully arches over Blaze, who stands regally as a yacht captain in pristine white attire and flip-flop shoes, exuding an air of maritime charm.
  • Dual crossed anchors embrace a central compass, a symbol of precision and direction.
  • "Annapolis, MD" introduces the passage "Anchored in Tradition | Guided by the compass," encapsulating the city's deep-rooted sailing legacy.
  • Sail coordinates for downtown Annapolis complete the design, allowing you to navigate the heart of this historic maritime town.

This long-sleeved tee encapsulates the maritime spirit of Annapolis and Blaze's signature style. Whether you're by the shore or out at sea, this tee embodies the elegance and adventure of yacht life. Set sail with "Yacht Crew (Nautical)" and embrace the maritime traditions of Annapolis in style. ⚓🌊 #YachtCrew #BlazeAnnapolis

Blaze - Yacht Crew (Nautical) LS Shirt

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